Tagging Your Gear
With our new online system, you're able to tag your gear at home to simplify gear drop off. Please follow our tagging guidelines to ensure your item is able to be sold!

1. Create an account on FlashConsign: The link in the orange button up top will take you to the APU Swap page where you'll be given the option to create an account.

2. Register your items: Once you have created an account you can immediately register your items for the sale. You can enter as many items as you want. Fill-out the required information and include a detailed description.

3. Print your tags: We recommend printing on cardstock or other heavy-weight paper. As you open an account, you will be issued a seller ID. This ID will be on each item tag so that your items can be tracked during the sale. It's not a bad idea to remember your ID for later.

4. Securely attach tags to your items: It is very important that you securely attach your tags to your items. We recommend clear packaging tape. Place tags on your items using clear packaging tape and avoid taping over the barcode. Two-part items (shoes, gloves, trekking poles) must be attached together. Again, understand that we do not take responsibility for poorly tagged items.

5. Drop off: Once all your tags are printed and securely placed on your items, you are ready to drop off your gear a day before the swap, or on the day of the swap a few hours before the sale. Check the times listed and be sure to be early.

Please note that if an item tag comes off during the sale, this item will not sell as there will be no way to track it. This also means your item will most likely end up in the donation pile! It is the seller's responsibility to properly place and securely tag items for sale.

The gear swap is a CONSIGNMENT sale. The seller will put his/her equipment onto the sales floor at the risk of the seller. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS! It is the responsibility of the seller to mark and package items securely to reduce loss.
Pricing Your Gear
If you'd like your gear to sell, price it low. A good rule of thumb is half retail price for items in good condition, well-worn gear should be priced lower.
Please ONLY bring items for sale that are clean, usable and in good working condition. Anything is welcome as long as it has to do with getting outside or sports, but historically summer gear has sold much better.
Gear Retrieval and Payment
Pick up your unsold gear from the day after the swap.
Step 1: A clerk will determine your sold items from the registration system.
Step 2: Swap "runners" will bring your unsold items to you.
Step 3: A check will be mailed for sold items within 30 days. APU will retain a 15% sale commission.

Unclaimed equipment will be donated to our gear room!
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